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Our Center

Regina Dixon, the owner and executive director of Forrest Valley Day Care Center Inc, has taught in the public school system and has been a director of preschool children since 1982. Before joining our day care center, she attended school, specializing in business administration and education with continuous education in early childhood.
Philosophy & Goal
Here at Forrest Valley Day Care Center Inc., our goal is to have the children achieve a positive self-image. We feel that each individual child has distinctive physical, emotional, and intellectual strengths that are best cultivated in a classroom that promotes the autonomy of the individual student.

Our program is designed to provide a positive environment to stimulate learning and development. The following goals will supplement home guidance, providing valuable experiences for the intellectual, social, and physical development of each child. We also have a fenced-in yard for outdoor, creative learning and play, as well as a circular driveway for easy, safe access to the building.

  1. Provide an Environment in Which Young Children Can Be Happy & Grow at His/Her Own Rate of Development
  2. Strengthen Children's Self-Image & Sense of Dignity
  3. Promote & Help Maintain Physical Health by Providing a Balanced Diet, a Resting Period, & Indoor & Outdoor Play
  4. Prepare Children with Basic Skills Needed for School through Music, Art, Constructive Materials, Computer Awareness, Stories, Pictures, Plants, & Field Trips
  5. Instill in Children a Joy & Respect for Learning That Will Be Maintained throughout Their Lifetime
  6. Help to Develop the Total Child with Opportunities for Sharing, Giving & Receiving Help, Standing up for His/Her Own Rights, Recognizing the Rights of Others, & Getting along with Others
Center Contacts:
Regina Dixon - Owner & Executive Director
Tracy Fowler - Family Worker

L. Cassandra Hodges-Jones - Administrative Office Assistant