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Family Outreach Program

Our on-site family worker, Ms. Tracy is available to help families in many aspects of daily living. Family Workers are certified in the Family Development Credential and are knowledgeable on many community resources. Please see Ms. Tracy to begin a Family Development Plan and begin setting and reaching your family's goals.

Forrest Valley Day Care Center, Inc. strongly encourages our parents to get involved and participate in their child's education. At the beginning of the school year there will be a “Back to School Night”. During this time, you will be able to meet with your child's teacher and learn about our curriculum and your child's schedule. There will be scheduled parent teacher conferences during the year. We encourage you to attend all scheduled events. Each child will have a portfolio kept in the classroom for you to see your child's development and progress. We ask that you take time to be involved in your child's life because these are the most crucial for their growth and development. We also encourage parent involvement. Some recommended activities you may volunteer for are: story time, sharing a favorite art project, chaperoning field trips or sharing a special skill or knowledge that you possess. Please make sure that you speak to your child's teacher to schedule dates and times.

Forrest Valley Day Care Center, Inc. keeps families informed by sending home notices and flyers of upcoming events. Parent information is posted on the Parent Information Board, distributed on daily sign in/out sheets, emailed to parents, posted on our website, and also posted on Facebook.